[Air-l] Global Civil Society 2001

Rafal Rohozinski rafal at rohozinski.net
Sat May 25 10:02:12 PDT 2002

Some of you may not have seen the excellent report published last 
year by the Centre for Study of Global Governance (LSE) entitled 
"Global civil Society 2001". Apart for making the case for the 
emergence of global civil society, the report contains two excellent 
chapters that would be of interest to member of this group; Chapter 
3: The New Anti-Capitalist Movement: Money and Global Civil Society 
(Authors: Meghnad Desai and Yahia Said); and, Chapter 6: Contested 
Space: The Internet and Global Civil Society. (Author: John 

The entire report (or chapters thereof) can be downloaded from the 
following address:

For those of you looking for a hard copy at your university library, 
the bibliographic reference is as follows:

Anheir, H., M. Glasius, et al., Eds. (2001). Global Civil Society 
2001. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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