[Air-l] the original comparative research posting

Sandra Braman braman at ua.edu
Tue May 28 05:26:51 PDT 2002

Because a number of individuals responding to my update on the
comparative internet research project appear to have not seen the
original posting, I'm reposting the original call.  Please note that the
emphasis is on comparison across national settings.

>While the internet is global, it is always experienced in ways
>that are locally specific.  Critiques of existing internet research
>often point to their failure to sufficiently specify the conditions
>under which the effects described are found.  Comparative
>research -- research that addresses the same question
>across circumstances that vary -- is one valuable way of
>enhancing the value of specific studies by making it
>possible to relate what is learned in one setting to what
>is learned in another.   Over time, comparative work can
>bring to light factors that have differential impact across
>settings in ways that should be of design and policy
>The Association of Internet Researchers provides an
>opportunity for individuals involved in comparative research
>that examines the same research question across multiple
>settings in different nation-states to develop collaborative
>projects.  The variety of research interests of members
>suggests the possibility of multiple collaborative comparative
>Because I believe such research would be invaluable in
>moving the field forward, I'd be happy to help such projects
>get off the ground by serving a coordinating role, in three
>(1)  Any individual interested in participating in a
>collaborative comparative research project on the
>internet should write me at braman at ua.edu and let
>me know:
>- area of research interest
>- whether or not you have already done any work
>in this area (with citations as appropriate)
>- preferred research methodology (ies)
>I'll group together folks of like interest and put them
>in touch with each other so that they can begin
>coordinating efforts among themselves.
>(2)  The Maastricht conference will be an ideal
>setting for attendees from those research teams already
>beginning to form to meet with each other.  Sign-up sheets
>at the conference will enable additional individuals who
>become interested at that point to join such groups.
>Presumably list discussions internal to each group
>will make it possible for those who cannot attend
>the Maastricht conference to participate in the
>collaborative research work.
>(3)  If folks already involved in collaborative
>comparative research projects can let me know
>about them -- what questions they're pursuing,
>and how, and contact person with contact
>information -- I'll compile the information and make
>it available to all.
>The field is by now well enough developed that
>such collaborations should be possible, and the
>Maastricht conference would be an ideal venue
>within which to get them off the ground.  Communication
>ahead of time among team members would enable
>those individuals to make the best use of their face
>to face time.
>Again, please respond to me at braman at ua.edu,
>rather than to the list, if you're interested in
>participating in a collaborative team to undertake
>comparative research projects across national
>Sandra Braman

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