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there are several frameworks available:
1. Formative (during) / Summative (at the end) evaluation (how can it be 
improved?). It is more the evaluation of the tools and the tools' impact. It is 
less adequate to determine the learning.
2. Effectiviness evaluation (Where the goals accomplished?) Often this approach 
is used to measure the long-term outcome.
3. Impact evaluation (What impact did it have?): this is more combining the 
other two approaches

The assessment will also depend on the instructional goals/needs assessment, 
your partners have done before.
If this community system is a document delivery system, it will be differently 
assessed than if it includes communication tools or case-based or problem-based 

Some literature:
Parry, S. 1997. Evaluating the impact of training. American Society for 
Training and Development.

Some links:

let me know, if you need more specific hints


Johannes Strobel
PhD student
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies
University of Missouri-Columbia
jse09 at mizzou.edu

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> Subject: [Air-l] learning in internet-based networks
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> Dear all,
> On behalf of a colleague of mine, I would like to post the following request
> for information: 
> I've been asked to help two regional internet-based networks that operate 
> throughout Latin America to assess the extent to which they are stimulating
> learning in rural development. What frameworks exist that can help networks
> undertake the monitoring and evaluate of their impact - in terms of learning
> - 
> among the network members?
> many thanks,
> Joyce Lamerichs
> Communication and Information Studies
> Wageningen University and Research Centre

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