[Air-l] ethics of 'net discourse research

martin schiller mart_schiller at mac.com
Fri May 3 21:21:58 PDT 2002

A message from david_eddy_spicer at harvard.edu on 5/3/02 10:52 AM 

>I'm new to the list, and I'm sure this question has come up before. I'm
>interested in articles that elaborate ethical guidelines for doing
>naturalistic studies of online discussions.

I'm also new to the list and I would like to see a brief definition for a 
naturalistic study of online (or otherwise) discussion. Or perhaps a 
definition for an online discussion.

Also, I'm an outsider to academic professional discourse but I am 
familiar with media studies - ala Michael Moore - that being a sense of 
popular culture via attendance to popular media channels. 

One of the recent rewards of my attendance were last years Citibank 
primetime public relations ads that portrayed a background of buildings 
being demolished and the demolition foreman explaining to the reporter 
that '...we had some extra explosives and the people love it...'. At the 
time I wondered how a financial giant like Citibank could relate the ad 
to developing it's business. 



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