[Air-l] ethics of 'net discourse research

Yvonne Waern waern at dsv.su.se
Sat May 4 12:47:36 PDT 2002

Since I saw some more people answering, I am not anymore ashamed of 
promoting my little report on ethics.  It covers some cultural 
aspects as well.

Reference: Waern, Y. Ethics in Global Internet Research. Report from 
the Department of Communication Studies, Linköping University, 2001:3.

Part of it has been discussed in the AoIR meeting (through Malin Sveningsson).

If anybody wants the report, I can send it to you in pdf-format.

All the best wishes,
Yvonne Waern
Ph.D., Professor
Department of Communication Studies
Linkoeping University
SE 581 83 Linkoeping
e-mail: yvonne.waern at tema.liu.se
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