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This page has some information on the history of Fidonet, and several links to good Fidonet resources:



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>Is anyone aware of any published research looking at FIDONET communities? While FIDO is a dying technology it was once (80's) the 'alternative Internet' and  retains a strong following in Germany and Russia where it remains a free alterative to the commercial Internet. Fido is an interesting case study as being a member of FIDO required one to subscribe to a set of rules, and actively participate in the technical functioning of the networks itself. I conducted extensive research on the Russian Fidonet (and internet) during the mid 1990's for my doctoral  thesis (some of which is published here http://www.unrisd.org/infotech/conferen/russian/toc.htm) and I am looking at updating the research in anticipation of publishing the broader findings. Any tips, citations or general advice (or anecdotes) would be very welcome.
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