[Air-l] Re: Research on Fidonet -- bbs's

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Wed May 15 13:51:15 PDT 2002

The culture of bbs might be leaving/dead, but the information lives on. 
 there is a gentleman, jason scott, working on a tv documentary on 
bbs's, i met him at rubicon briefly and it is looking quite amazing. 
 However, he has also put together a huge repository of textfiles from 
bbs's, a list of active bbs's, etc.  It is a huge repository of 
information for this culture, could launch a few hundred 
theses/dissertations, if people had time to dig through it all.  all of 
it is linked from->  http://www.textfiles.com/  more specifically the 
documentary information is here:

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