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radhika gajjala radhika at cyberdiva.org
Thu May 23 05:07:46 PDT 2002

I dont know if these would work (and excuse my self-promotion...)

for you but based on my work related women-centered email lists I have the
following (I can also email you drafts of other stuff if you like - please
feel free to browse www.cyberdiva.org)

Gajjala, R (forthcoming November 2002) Interrogating Identities: Composing
Other Cyber-spaces - International and Intercultural Communication Annual,
Volume 25. 

Gajjala, R (forthcoming July 2002) An Interrupted Postcolonial/Feminist
Cyberethnography: Complicity and Resistance in the "Cyberfield" - Feminist
Media Studies 

Gajjala, R. (2001) Studying Feminist E-Spaces: Introducing
Transnational/Postcolonial Concerns in S. Munt (Ed),
TechnospacesLondon:Continuum International. 

Gajjala, R. (2001) Cyborg Diaspora E Comunita Virtuale: SAWNET in AVATAR,
rivista di antropologia e comunicazione, n.2, roma, 2001 (translated from
English to Italian by Cristiana Nicotera). 
Gajjala, R. (2000) Internet constructs of identity and ignorance:
"Third-world" contexts and cyberfeminism, in Pagnucci, G., & Mauriello, N.
(Eds.) (1999-2000). The future of narrative discourse: Internet constructs
of literacy and identity. Works and Days,17/18 (33-36). 

Radhika Gajjala
Bowling Green State University


"I am not erudite enough to be interdisciplinary, but I can break rules" -
Spivak, 1999.

"Just bear in mind, darling: Write Mortal. Think Witch" - Endora from


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