[Air-l] online publication of papers

Denise Maia Carter denisecarter at denisecarter.net
Fri Nov 1 09:07:11 PST 2002

From: "jeremy hunsinger" <jhuns at vt.edu>
"in fact none of those articles are in any way
published by aoir when they sit in that archive, they are just shared
as occasionally shares a preprint of an article among friends and

i see - i missed the distinction of archiving as against publishing. i agree
that publication is for the author to decide, and acknowledge that archiving
materials may be simply shared among 'friends and colleagues'.

I think perhaps the core issue is one of protective ownership - we all
strive for that flash of inspiration that raises our work higher than that
of our colleagues - and generally would pick and choose very carefully to
whom we allow access - archiving is perhaps the equivalent of leaving your
research project in the common room

Denise Carter
denisecarter at denisecarter.net

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