[Air-l] Re: Conference papers online

Bram Dov Abramson bda at bazu.org
Sat Nov 2 10:34:39 PST 2002

zaphiri at soi.city.ac.uk:
>I understand that it might not be possible to put this years'
>proceedings online for free (for whatever copyright etc complications)..
>but i think it is an issue to consider and make mandotary in the future ?

jhuns at vt.edu:
>but free and open
>distribution must be the decision of the individual not an obligation
>put on them because they participate in an  organization or attend a

I don't think this is an overly difficult problem to solve.  For the 
AoIR Toronto conference, could the registration form include a 
checkbox?  It could look something like this:

Following the conference, please make my paper available to:

_ any visitor to the conference Web site

_ any registered AoIR member visiting the conference Web site

_ noone


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