[Air-l] Re: Conference papers online (Bram Dov Abramson)

Robert Luke robert.luke at utoronto.ca
Sun Nov 3 11:24:05 PST 2002

Jason et al - what about using an extant repository for something like
this?  There are many metadata schemas that are applicable here, and John
Willinsky's Public Knowledge Project at UBC already has this
infrastructure in place.  There are others, too, such as e-prints, that
work in similar ways.



> I'm in complete support of Barry's thinking. That said, perhaps the
> easiest solution would be something that AoIR could take up itself,
> in the form of an AoIR  paper repository where members could put up
> papers, related to a conference or otherwise. If it is done by the
> author, then there's less work over-all, after a script has been set
> up to organize them. Then anyone who is an AoIR member could upload a
> paper or link to one, along with pertinent info and abstract, so that
> they were searchable from inside AoIR.
> Has anyone seen a script like this? I could envision one and could
> probably get my students to whip one up. Provided I could grab some
> funding from some courseware development fund somewhere. And have it
> up for when we're hosting the conference next fall.
> If there's interest from the powers that be.
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