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Charlie Hendricksen veritas at u.washington.edu
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    Nancy's comments make my case that Internet Research is a
discipline, or failing that, at least is rapidly becoming one.  There
are dedicated journals, a flagship organization, a listserver
supporting the community, a code of ethics, and people who call
themselves Internet Researchers.  More comments below.

Nancy Baym wrote:
> Charlie Hendricksen wrote:
>>    Paying members of AoIR are unlikely to do their research near 
>> the boundaries of the discipline of Internet Research.  They
>> represent the mainstream.
> I question this characterization of paying members. My experience
> from talking to people at our conferences and throughout the
> formation and growth of this association has been that members:
> feel marginalized within their institutional disciplines because of
> their interest in the internet

Certainly!  That is the reason new disciplines are formed.  I am sure
that many members feel, or even have been told, that their 'out of the
mainstream' research is hurting their career in the home discipline.
> think that their particular angle on internet studies -- be it
> literary, economic, artistic, you name it -- is not adequately
> represented within aoir

That will come in time.  I welcome any dialog with colleagues who
would like to study research teams who operate ON the Internet. 
Certainly distributed research teams are worthy of becoming subjects
of Internet Research. 
> also do research that is not just about the internet and which is
> more closely aligned with our more traditional disciplines, and we
> also have to think about framing the net research that we do in ways
> that speak to those disciplines.

Until there are recognized departments of Internet Studies, the home
disciplines must be served.  To ignore the hand that feeds you is not
recommended.  Of course we all owe our research interests to
established disciplines as well as to Internet Research.  The value we
add to Internet Studies as representatives of our current home
disciplines is that our research is tied to an established body of
> In short, I think this association works because we are all at
> boundaries, the field of internet research is comprised of
> intersecting boundaries. Though there may be some strong themes that
> characterize contemporary net research, I don't think there is a
> "mainstream" nor even a "discipline."

Yes, this week.

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