[Air-l] section name change of Am Soc Assn

Eszter Hargittai eszter at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 6 07:37:30 PST 2002

Dear AoIR Folks,

I'm happy to report that what used to be the American Sociological
Association's Section on Sociology and Computers is now the Section on
Communication and Information Technologies. Keith Hampton (MIT), Anabel
Quan Haase (Toronto) and I formed the Ad Hoc Committee to Rename and
Redefine the section last year and it worked.

Here's the new mission statement:

The purpose of the Section on Communication and Information Technologies
is to support, enhance and promote research, teaching and other
professional activities related to:
- the social aspects of computing, the Internet, new media, computer
networks, and other communication and information technologies
- design and use of technology in teaching and research

If you're a member of the ASA but didn't know if Soc and Computers was a
relevant section for you, hopefully the new name and mission statement
make the connection more clear.  Please join the section so we can get
more panels at the ASA meetings.  http://www.asanet.org


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