[Air-l] What is a discipline - and publishing tips.

radhika gajjala radhika at cyberdiva.org
Fri Nov 8 06:22:59 PST 2002

those articles are certainly useful and timely.

but a clarification in relation to all the stuff I've been saying about 
inter...etc.. disciplinarity - the problem is not "peer reviewing" of 
research (again who *counts* as a "peer") but the fact that some journals 
emphasized as top tier within certain disciplines dont even allow the 
insertion of certain kinds of questions (thus while claiming that their 
process is "objective" it is very political ) - so people who tend to do 
ask these questions find other - peer reviewed - publication venues but get 
named as "interdisciplinary" in a negative manner ...

(just for the record, though, I personally havent faced major problems in 
this regard - I just try and find publishing venues that allow my questions 
and this has not so far been a major issue - but that may be because of 
reasons other than issues of "disciplinarity" as a problem for tenure and 
promotion - or maybe I am speaking too soon!)

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