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Concepts such as these may exist in other areas, such as quantum
physics.  See the work of Murray Gell-mann as it whether it might have
relevance for your thought.

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>>> sgz01570 at nifty.ne.jp 11/11/2002 6:51:44 PM >>>
Hi everyone,

Does somebody know of publications that apply the notions of weak ties
(Granovetter) and/or third place (Oldenburg) to understand ephemeral
meaningful ties created in and around cyberspace? I began using these
to make sense of forms of sociality observed in communities (both
and offline) I am studying. I read a few papers that make reference to
concepts, But I do not know anything really good. Other than
suggestions for
readings, I appreciate your thoughts on this matter as well.

Whoami> I am a doctoral student of sociology. I am working on a
about uses of the Internet in Japan, I am particularly interested in
the ways
in which everyday people adopt and adapt to the Internet to maintain
personal communities.

Thank you in advance,

Mito Akiyoshi
Department of Sociology
The University of Chicago

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