[Air-l] Medium Theory

Nathan Koenigsfeld nkoenigs at vt.edu
Fri Nov 15 14:38:15 PST 2002


I am currently doing some research regarding Medium Theory which was 
originated by Joshua Meyrowitz in his 1985 book No Sense of Place.  I 
am looking for information about those whom have engaged this theory in 
their research today, whether to critique it or to further advance the 
theory.  For those unfamiliar with the theory, it is very McLuhanesque 
in nature.  It states that media are simply not channels for conveying 
information between two environments, but rather are environments in 
and of themselves.  Unlike McLuhan (Technological Determinism), this 
theory states that media don't wholly shape culture and society, but 
changes in communication patterns are one very important contribution.  
Any information or leads into scholars who address Meyrowitz's work 
would be greatly appreciated.

Nate Koenigsfeld
Virginia Tech University
Communication Studies

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