[Air-l] incidence of term 'e-commerce'

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Mon Nov 18 04:34:34 PST 2002

http://informationr.net/ir/8-1/paper144.html  seems similar though it 
is dealing with the topic in the title
Wilson, T.D. (2002) "The nonsense of 'knowledge management'" 
Information Research, 8(1) [Available at 

On Monday, November 18, 2002, at 06:12 AM, Hamilton, Stuart wrote:

> Dear all
> Greetings from a new poster to the list. I am a second year doctoral 
> student
> at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen
> investigating barriers to accessing information resources on the 
> Internet,
> from the perspective of the international library community. I'm sorry 
> if
> this post seems a bit vague but I appear to have mislaid an article I 
> read
> recently on the changing discourse relating to the internet, most 
> especially
> the rising incidence of the term e-commerce (or e-business, I believe) 
> over
> the past decade as business and commodification of information have 
> become
> ever more present on the web. Does research of this kind ring any 
> bells to
> people? the article was seeking to demonstrate the growing importance 
> of
> business related activities on the web while other uses (education,
> communication) received less attention as time went on.
> Does anyone know anything about research of this type?!
> Can't believe I've mislaid the article...
> Cheers,
> Stu
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