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Hi there,
I have just joined this list so please do forgive any etiquette problems I have with regards to how it's written etc. I am a sociology student in my honours year. The reason I have joined is because my thesis research is being carried out online and I am in need of advice with regards to the methodological justification. 
In essence I am carrying out online discussions in a chat room environment. The room has been set up by myself and only people taking part in the discussion are present. The problem I am being faced with is that of the internet and 'lying'. It is suggested by those with more knowledge than I that the methodology is rubbish as I cannot possibly tell if those taking part are lying, due to lack of body language. I contested this by pointing out that people can lie in face to face discussion also and it may be difficult to pick up on. Also it is my opinion that people in a familiar environment (ie at their own pc) may in actual fact be more at ease and this will therefore lead to a more honest response. Of course as a lowly honours student my opinion is worthless, so it is this that I need help with. 
Does anyone have any solid research I can justify this methodology with? I already have a few good links courtesy of the sociopranos board, but any further assistance would be great!
Thanks for your time.
Any help is greatly appreciated. 
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