[Air-l] Conference papers online

Ben Davidson bendavidson at totalise.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 03:41:16 PST 2002

Mia, this doesn't sound harsh to me, and  as I am currently ...

<rant>...in the position of just starting to dig my way out of a month's
backlog of e-mails because I have been devoting all my spare time during
that period to completing a few projects about which some might say, "well
surely it's not that hard to...", I feel more than a little irritated by
those who expect time to be donated for free by others, when they are not
offering to take on any such work themselves.

</end of rant>

Phew, that's better.


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> Finally, not to sound harsh myself, but statements like "it's not that
> to..." in relation to asking for things for free could also be joined with
> an offer to volunteer and help in the creation of such materials. AoIR is
> non-profit organization, and I believe the unpaid executive board works
> hard as it is--

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