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Ben Davidson bendavidson at totalise.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 03:43:27 PST 2002

Barry, again, I completely agree.

It's odd to be joining in a conversation that happened almost three weeks


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> Bram,
> Interesting idea, but how do we solve the free rider problem?
> Despite some assertions on this list to the contrary, it takes Work to put
> papers online or on a CD. And in a dozen ways, it is a PITA: different
> formats, authors want to do edits, etc. Even if everyone is well-behaved,
> it is still Work, and even if it is done by volunteers, it still costs
> money to do.
> Someone has to do it, and someone has to pay for it.
> I have been astonished at the contentions of some list posters that they
> have a Right to these papers even though they haven't paid their club
> membership -- joining AoIR.
> AoIR's dues are now extremely low compared to other professional
> societies, and even lower for students and those in non-OECD countries. As
> Steve Jones noted at the recent Maastricht general meeting, just to keep
> the existing level of activity going, they may have to be raised. To add
> on to the Work and the expense without contributing dues to the clube --
> $25 for students -- seems to be unwarrented, and indeed a bit like asking
> to get something for nothing.
> That's my .02,  Barry

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