[Air-l] more on EIES

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Sat Nov 30 13:49:54 PST 2002

Just a proud sidebar to the mini-thread on Murray Turoff's EIES system.

Murray and Roxanne Hiltz wrote one of the first books on the possibilities
of what grew up to be the internet:

Hiltz, S. Roxanne and Murray Turoff. 1978. The Network Nation. Reading,
MA: Addison-Wesley.

I'd been playing on this with them since 1976, and I was proud then -- and
now -- that they explicitly named The Network Nation after Paul Craven and
my 1973 article, "The Network City" (in Sociological Inquiry).

Paul and I did call the turn towards networking, but nary a word about the
(proto) Internet.


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