[Air-l] thanks to all for aoir conference in Maastricht - Bes t presentations

Monica.Murero at MERIT.unimaas.nl Monica.Murero at MERIT.unimaas.nl
Thu Oct 24 06:33:33 PDT 2002

Thank you Andrea, and all of you who wrote 
me off-list (it is good to hear after so much work : )

Please let me join you, and THANK again all the
*outstanding* people that have made the 
AoIR conference 2002 happen:
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, all the amazing folks of 
the Air planning and program committee, 
the super-efficient Air-exec,
and in particular Steve Jones, for his fantastic
and unique dedication.

A special THANK YOU goes to our IR 3.0 PRESENTERS,
for making the program so reach and stimulating
for all of us. As many of you, I could not attend 
as many sessions of the program as I wanted !

So...As our memory is still fresh...
I'd like to hear from you which  
*presentations* you have found particularly 
interesting during IR 3.0: Net/Work/Theory in Maastricht. 

It would help to hear from you: online papers 
will be available soon (so we can catch up!)
-- thanks to our amazing Jeremy ! 

With my kindest regards,
P.S.= Please do not "boost" your own presentation :)) 
I am looking forward to hearing from you off-list.
Monica Murero
Conference Chair 2002 
University of Maastricht- Infonomics
Cell.  +31 6 1530 2850
Office +31 45 4000 540
Fax    +31 45 4000 545

Andrea Baker/Andee wrote: 

>I wanted to add my thanks to all who made it possible for us to go to 
>the fantastic conference in Maastricht, Netherlands.  Special 
>gratitude goes to the incomparable Monica Murero, and also to Klaus 
>Bruhn Jensen and every reviewer of submissions for their hard work. 
>Kudos to the executive committee,  headed by Steve Jones for 
>leadership of the organization.
>andrea baker/andee

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