[Air-l] Distributed Research labs - any examples/links ?

Frank Thomas frank.thomasftr at free.fr
Thu Oct 24 11:13:24 PDT 2002


ask the people from France Télécom R&D how they live their distributed 
experience. several attended the Aoir meeting in Maastricht.



Niels Windfeld Lund wrote:

> Hello
> At our department of Documentation Studies at the University of 
> Tromsoe (the northernmost university in the world) we are working with 
> the idea of making a distributed research lab, called The Document 
> Academy, by linking a number of groups/departments/people from 
> different places together with the aim of working together on document 
> analysis, document development. It should not only be a place for 
> presentation of research, but a place where the actual research work 
> take place, sharing documents, editing documents etc. It should also 
> include all kind of media/means like writing, images, video and sound.
> We are planning this together with people at our local center for tele 
> medicine around the case of electronic patient record and people at 
> SIMS/UC-Berkeley.
> I have heard of examples of that kind of distributed labs from coast 
> to coast in US, but there might be a lot of cases which we do not 
> know, so do any of you have any experience of that kind of work or do 
> you know any working examples of this kind ?
> thanks
> Niels Windfeld Lund

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