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aoir.z3z at danah.org aoir.z3z at danah.org
Sat Oct 26 10:25:48 PDT 2002

I guess it depends on the level and the amount of time, but i'd suggest
(in a sorta technical level order):

Basic HTML concepts and then build through Dreamweaver
Some combination of Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks/Freehand

And possibly throwing in basic setup/design of Webblogs (i.e.  
MoveableType) and that movement (which is still new and interesting,
always a motivation for students and can definitely get into the comm

Of course, this is just the technological section of it... 


On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Nicole Ellison wrote:

> I'm looking for a good text to use in an undergraduate web production
> class (Comm Dept)-- something technically sound but accessible,
> preferably grounded in some solid design principles. Any suggestions?
> Has anyone used Weinman's creative html design.2?

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