[Air-l] Call for Participation: New Research for New Media - September 4-6, 2003 - Univ. of Minnesota

Nora Paul npaul at umn.edu
Wed Apr 2 09:41:42 PST 2003

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Deadline for application to participate is April 15.

PDF version of the following call for Participation

  Call for Participation

  New Research for New Media:  Innovative Research Methods 

  September 4-6,2003

  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.


  Application deadline:  April 15, 2003

  Notification of acceptance:  May 1, 2003

  Information and application: http://www.inms.umn.edu/convenings/newresearch/main.htm


  The Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Department of Rhetoric, invites you to apply for participation in an upcoming symposium: New Research for New Media: Innovative Research Methods Symposium.    

  The Internet and evolving new media and communication technologies offer researchers two sets of opportunities:  the development of new research techniques and a new, wide-open communication arena to be studied.  New techniques such as email surveying, chat space interviewing, electronic brainstorming, user session statistics analysis, and eye-tracking are joining tried and true research methods.  New communication phenomena and emerging media usage scenarios are calling for analysis.  

  Studies using the results of these new techniques and on the new media arena are well into the mainstream of research agendas in universities, but the focus of the papers tends to be on the findings, not the determination and effectiveness of the methods used to get those findings.  This is what the New Research for New Media:  Innovative Research Methods Symposium intends to do.    

  This will be a working symposium in which participants will contribute as much to the conference proceedings as the presenters of papers.  Researchers have been selected to present papers that represent a variety of disciplines and research methods.  Now we need the participants who will, after presentation of the papers, discuss in small groups the implications of using new research methods and traditional methods in new ways.  The discussions and recommendations of the symposium participants will be the core of the conference proceedings with the intention of setting an agenda of examination of new research methods and to identify research implications that require further attention.  

  We are looking for participants who would like to engage in a three days of deep thought about research methods.  As a participant you will part of a task force, not just an audience.  If you would like to help take the thinking about research methods to the next level, we hope you will apply to attend.  Attendance will be limited to 50 participants.  


  Application Form:  http://www.inms.umn.edu/convenings/newresearch/application.htm

  Application Deadline:  April 15, 2003

  Notification of Application Acceptance:  May 1, 2003

  Symposium Dates:  6 pm - Thursday, September 4   to   4 pm - Saturday, September 6

  Cost:  $100 registration (covers all meals)

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