[Air-l] Media and telecommunications policies to reflect social justice values

RG Lentz rgmagnolia at earthlink.com
Thu Apr 3 04:55:36 PST 2003

Dear AOIR colleagues,

This might be of interest to some of you working on policy related Internet 
research. The Media Justice Fund is a new project being supported by the 
Ford Foundation's Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom Program. The Funding 
Exchange website is http://www.fex.org/home.html.

RG Lentz

The Funding Exchange Seeks Media Justice Consultant

For a two year period, the Funding Exchange National Office will administer 
a Media Justice Fund to promote media advocacy within the context of social 
justice movements.

The Media Justice Fund of the Funding Exchange National Office: The Media 
Justice Fund will operate within the social justice framework of the 
Funding Exchange grantmaking programs to shift the focus of media and 
telecommunications policies to reflect social justice values. The Fund will 
support local and national organizing efforts aimed at media reform 
policies, open access to technology, and accountability by media 
corporations. Such efforts have historically been underfunded and have 
operated with only loose ties to other social justice movements, divided by 
issues of race, age, culture, and sense of immediate priorities. The 
division has worked to the detriment of both movements, isolating media 
advocacy efforts from the broader justice agenda and keeping social justice 
groups from recognizing media policy as a core issue.

The Media Justice Fund will promote projects that manifest strong 
collaborations between media and social justice activists and agendas. The 
Fund will make grants to build constituencies, develop materials for 
popular education, and support partnerships across cultural and issue lines.

The Media Justice Consultant will hold the following responsibilities.

" Identify and locate media justice groups in diverse geographic regions
" Serve as a resource for grantseekers
" Coordinate briefings, local and regional meetings and other special events
" Establish guidelines, review proposals and set schedules for grantmaking 
" Produce reports as needed, including an annual report on building media 
" Publicize media advocacy issues among funders through written 
publications and gatherings
" Convene and support grantmaking panel
" Monitor grant monies reports and establish other mechanisms to assure 
accountability and evaluation
" Track project implementation and manage database with the help of a 
database consultant
Qualifications for the position include:
" Familiarity with communications policy issues including FCC regulations 
and their impact on communities
" Knowledge of issues, activities, developments and questions within the 
spectrum of media advocacy organizing
" Familiarity with a wide range of progressive social change issues and 
" Proven ability to initiate and implement programs, in coordination with 
" Excellent written and oral communication skills
" Proficiency with computer software (word processing and grants manager 
" Ability to work on a national level, with differences of class, race, 
sexual orientation and gender

Send inquiries and applications to:
Charlene Allen, Director of Grantmaking, Funding Exchange
666 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY 10012 -- (212) 529-5356 x320

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