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This is part of my dissertation research, and I confirm that there 
isn't much out there on this aspect of game play. Almost everything is 
about children or teenagers, or the ubiquitous college sophomore 
subject pool. But ditto Nancy's comments on Avatars Offline, and 
Jason's on Digiplay as a good resource.

Try the IDSA web site (http://www.idsa.com/) for some facts and stats 
on age and use in the US. I think their numbers are too high, but that 
shouldn't surprise you from a trade group.

Pew Internet also has asked some game-related questions, and was kind 
enough to recently give me this eye-opening data from a 2002 survey 
(Keep in mind that this is probably anything from Bridge to Everquest):
Q. Ever play a game online
All users  37%
Men        37%
Women      38%
Whites     34%
Blacks     48%
Hispanics  54%
18-29      52%
30-49      34%
50-64      28%
65+        38%

I should have some family-based data on the game I'm studying 
(Asheron's Call 2) in the next few weeks, and you're welcome to mail me 

Here's what else I have for cites:
Marriage & Family review, Vol 8 #1 & 2 are all on computers and 
families, but is from 1985.
Sneed & Runco, 1992 (I think), Journal of Psychology V 120: The Beliefs 
Adults and Children Hold About Television and Video Games

Let me know if you come across anything else good. I'd like to have 
more information myself.


Dmitri Williams
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Michigan
Department of Communication Studies
dcwillia at umich.edu

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> Hi
> Can anyone help me with references about adults playing computer games 
> as
> part of the family, for instance, parents who use the computer for work
> which blurs into entertainment through gaming.
> Thanks
> Sue

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