FW: [Air-l] Prestige and Online Publishing

Michael Gurstein mgurst at vcn.bc.ca
Sun Apr 6 13:41:29 PDT 2003

Robert Davison who edits the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in
Developing Countries (I'm on the Board) has asked me to forward this to our


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Michael, I would not mind if you sent some or all of the following to AIR-L

"EJISDC does not ask that its authors transfer copyright at all, we charge
nothing for access, we print nothing (though some authors have requested
hard copies), and we are peer reviewed. Probably we accept about 50% of
submissions. How well do we rate in the IS field? Hard to say, though not
badly simply because we are an ejournal I feel. I am able to persuade some
of my colleagues, who would otherwise feel compelled to publish only in the
traditional prestigious paper press, to submit articles. I am grateful to my
department for providing the journal's webserver.

I am working with the UN (UNCTAD - www.unctad.org) to try and highlight the
way that non-profits such as EJISDC can provide a viable epublishing
operation - in contrast to the for-profit model. EJISDC just issued volume
11, with 12 articles devoted to constructive criticism of the 2002 UNCTAD
report - feel free to browse at www.ejisdc.org."


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