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In regards to digital media and the negotiation of national identity, I have
always found Ananda Mitra's article, "Virtual Commonality: Looking for India
on the Internet," in Steven Jones' _Virtual Culture: Identity &
Communication in Cybersociety_ (1997) notable.

Also, Jon Stratton provides an initial examination of the relationship
between communication technologies and national identity, expanding upon the
thought of Benedict Anderson, in his article, "Cyberspace and the
Globalization of Culture," in David Porter's _Internet Culture_ (1997)

Finally, if you're interested in looking at other modes of media, in
particular television, Emily West published a very interesting article in
_Critical Studies in Media Communication_ - "Selling Canada to Canadians:
Collective Memory, National Identity, and Popular Culture" (Vol. 19, No. 2,
June 2002, pp. 212-229) - in which she examines the relationship of
mass-mediated representations and national memory.



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I am developing a course on the mediation of national identity through
digital communications technology and am wondering if the good folks at/in
AOIR can point in the direction of some good scholarly work in this area.  I
am aware of the work that David Morley and Kevin Robbins have dome on
Eurpean identites in terms of broadcast media as well as the work of Jody
Berland on Canada but am drawing blanks otherwise.  references to/about
Canada, especially comparing the US and Canada would be most appreciated.


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