[Air-l] question re implications of always being connected

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Bonnie Nardi has an article on "Interaction and Outeraction" that might
be a useful starting place for your student. I think there are other
articles in the CSCW literature that would be useful as well.


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A student of mine is looking for some references on the social
of ubiquitious computing and connectivity. The sort of issue she is 
concerned with is the way in which behaviours change (or don't change)
there is an expectation that people can be contacted at anytime (e.g.
cell phone or e-mail). This is one of those issues that has been written

about, but it's a bit hard to find without knowing the terminology that
used when discussing it.

If you can give us any pointers as to where to find discussion of this 
topic it would be much appreciated. Please respond to me directly and I 
will pass the information along to my student.

Thank you,
catherine middleton

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