[Air-l] Re: Query on Digitial Technology and National Identity

Nils Zurawski zurawsk at uni-muenster.de
Thu Apr 17 17:50:45 PDT 2003

>One book i would really recomend on this topic is Nils Zurawski (2000):
>Virtuelle Ethnizität. Studien zu Identität, Kultur und Internet. 
>Unfortunatly in
>German, but i guess Nils is subscribed to air-list and you can contact him
>for english abstracts of his work.
>And there is an article from Mark Poster (1999) in Jones (Ed.): Cybersociety
>2.0 called "Virtual Ethnicity". Both works deal mainly with ethnicity but
>also with the interconnected phenomenon nationalism.

Philipp and others...,

I am flattered that you brought my book up here... indeed there is a 
website up with some stuff on it.. including chapters from the book 
in English.... http://www.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/zurawski  I believe 
it is easy to browse through, although the navigation is in German 
and half of the texts are as well... try it out if you like.... there 
seems to  be more research and work going on on this subject... if it 
wasn't mentioned here.... Lisa Nakamuras work is worth looking at as 
well.....also the volume she edited with Beth Kolko and Gilbert (?) 
Rodman.. "Race in Cyberspace"..... there are also some ihnteresting 
articles ihn David Trend's "reading digital culture"....... (2000, I 
believe).. and a collegue of mine has done some work on the russian 
cyberspace in regards to literature and national identity and 
diaspora...... and from what I have seen in the reviewing process for 
IR 4.0 there will be interesting papers on this in  Toronto....

best and peace

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