[Air-l] VIRTUAL ART : new video documentation (working link)

Pete J. Otis virtualart at culture.hu-berlin.de
Sat Apr 19 04:35:48 PDT 2003

Dear Friends,

Thanks to a colleague's notice of access difficulties, we are sending you a 
working link.
We apologize for the inconvenience. ---

The research project DATABASE OF VIRTUAL ART at Humboldt University has
recently created a video documentary series of contemporary media artists
like Maurice Benayoun, Jeffrey Shaw, Jean-Michel Bruyère, Luc Courchesne,
Masaki Fujihata, Lev Manovich and Zoe Beloff...  These videos, representing
a small portion of the complex database - going public this summer - are
now already available through the ARTE website.

Samples from our work can be found:


More extensive information:

OLIVER GRAU: VIRTUAL ART: From Illusion to Immersion,
MIT Press January 2003, ISBN 0-262-07241-6)



DATABASE OF VIRTUAL ART at Humboldt University of Berlin
scientific direction Dr. Oliver Grau
in cooperation with: channel unit digitale mediengesellschaft mbh

video direction: Robert loessl
text: Dr. Oliver Grau
assistance: Anna Paterok

with grateful support from Zentrum fuer Kunst- und Medientechnologie /
Dr. Andrea Buddensieg / Future Cinema.
recording / editing: channel unit digitale mediengesellschaft mbh
titles: Sevrina Giard, Joachim Gaertner   

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