[Air-l] Re: a curious moo -er

JASON NOLAN jason at jasonnolan.net
Sun Apr 20 10:01:42 PDT 2003

Yes, many of us are. But most moos are hybirds anyway. Newbies can go 
in graphical and then switch to text if they want to.

There has really not been any good graphical moo interfaces. I've 
contributed lots of code to EncoreMOO over the years, and developed 
our own java telnet emulation, but it is not satisfactory.

MooZilla is a very cool implimentation as well.

http://projectachieve.net is our gui based hack, and I also host 
EdenMOO somewhere on the same server, which is all text.

Just doing a chapter on moos for a book this summer, which may help 
to situate them. Moos are just really too cool for the general net at 
the moment. I'm sure they'll surface in 3-5 years when someone (like 
me) gets the time to do a proper rebuild from scratch. I've got a 
team waiting to do it, just not the funding.


Jason Nolan, PhD
Knowledge Media Design Institute
Bahen Centre for Information Technology
University of Toronto
mailto:jason at jasonnolan.net

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