[Air-l] a curious moo -er

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Mon Apr 21 06:52:35 PDT 2003

> I'd be curious to know if and how people are still using text (telnet)
> based moo's these days...


Purdue uses them actively for writing tutoring and other
writing-center-centric stuff; UFL, Illinois State, UTexas, and others have
similar purposes for them.


the infamous MediaMOO is now hosted on a server at Northern Illinois, if
i'm not totally mistaken. [previous homes were MIT and GATech...]

there's a bit of a rift within some bits of the moo community (mostly the
compositionists and writing teachers) over whether or not adding graphics
and sound is productive or not.  to briefly characterize that rift -
"enCore users versus old-school JHCore users" - enCore supports a whizzy
HTTP interface, while JHCore is mostly-just-text.

MOOs are probably not the ideal place for someone to build a "new media
publishing environment", but that seems to be what "let's rebuild MOO!"
folk often seem to think would be helpful.

nothing new under the sun...  :o


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