[Air-l] On Blogging and Politics

Aldon Hynes ahynes1 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 10:55:20 PDT 2003

For those interested in Blogs and politics, the
Washington Post has some interesting comments:


It seems this morning that bloggers have taken over
the world.

Or at least the 2004 presidential campaign.

Or at least the not-so-invisible primary leading up to
the campaign.

The pundits are blogging. The journalists are
blogging. And now the candidates are blogging.

Who needs television? Let's just eliminate the

Here's the deal: ABC's The Note (which went AWOL
during the war but is now back) has gone beyond
offering its cheeky interpretation of campaign spin.
It now offers free space (hey, it's all free in
cyberspace) to the '04 contenders to add their own
cheeky interpretation of their own campaign spin.

Getting dizzy yet?

So now we have the following exciting scenario:
Candidate gives speech. ABC News reports speech. ABC's
Note blogs speech. Then candidate blogs his own
speech, knocking down any negative interpretation by
other bloggers. And we blog the whole incestuous

Turns out that some candidates – notably Howard Dean,
and increasingly-looking-like-a-candidate Gary Hart –
have their own blogs. This raises the disturbing
prospect of a blog deficit for the other contenders.
What are Kerry, Gephardt and Edwards thinking? We
expect them to close the blogging gap immediately.

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