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Frank Thomas frank.thomasftr at free.fr
Wed Apr 30 02:57:16 PDT 2003

Ildiko Kaposi wrote:

>Dear all,
>I'm trying to find a database, or at least a good collection of examples of the practical policy steps that were aimed at increasing internet penetration (access, use) worldwide. I would be interested in both successful and unsuccessful initiatives, at the levels of infrastructure, training/education, and content. So far, I found bits and pieces scattered over dozens of sites. I wonder if anyone knows about a source where these would be collected?
>Ildiko Kaposi
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Try a google research on European community policy, with search terms 
like Europe & IST. Search with keyword "digital divide", G8 summit, 
world bank, oecd, ITU, digitaldivide network (one term). You will be 
flooded already by the results from the European Community website, its 
initiatives, its benchmark projects and its evaluation studies.

Good luck

Frank Thomas

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