[Air-l] Google Hacks

Frank Thomas frank.thomasftr at free.fr
Tue Apr 1 06:10:32 PST 2003

I reacted maybe a bit too vehemently as I am flooded with all sort of 
spam since a couple of months. And I don't like at all seeing ads make 
their way in this list which is professional and very interesting. What 
disturbed me was the fact that I saw no idea expressed by the poster, 
 so for me this was an ad.
But I think the question is settled now.
Frank Thomas

jeremy hunsinger wrote:

> you've not violated any norm, book ads have been posted multiple 
> times.  I'll add my support for google hacks, which i picked up last 
> saturday.
> the book is well written, with good practical examples of how to use 
> google to do a variety of things that are directly pertinent to a wide 
> variety of internet research about the web, and usenet.  but if you 
> are a google user it is handy to buy just for the tips and tricks it 
> provides for customizing queries.
> i also think oreilly's publishing a hacks series is an excellent 
> strategy to get people to realize the power and responsibility they 
> have in regards to customizing their computer and internet usage, 
> which has been a strong part of the hacking tradition.
> On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 05:40 AM, Karim R. Lakhani wrote:
>> actually not at all.  i thought given this list primary interest on 
>> all things internet and the usefullness of google as a "universal 
>> solvent", that folks on this list may care about this.  sorry if i 
>> have violated an unspoken norm.
>> K
> Jeremy Hunsinger
> Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
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