[Air-l] research on web communities?

Malin Sveningsson malin.sveningsson at kau.se
Tue Apr 1 07:02:16 PST 2003

Hmm... I realize I was being unclear here, sorry.
I guess the kind of Internet environment I was interested in is the kind of 
community software that gather a wide range of resources to its members 
(such as for example chat, discussion groups, links to resources and "good 
sites", etc.), and which often focus around a common interest, age group etc.
Within this kind of environment, I am interested in social interaction 
between the users, especially issues of presentation of self.


At 16:31 2003-04-01 +0200, you wrote:
>A very interesting *encyclopedia*
>about the Internet community is coming up next June, and
>you will find interesting information on it. I will send
>you the reference once published.
>Moreover, there are several articles about web communities
>already available in the literature; several were presented
>at AoIR conferences in Kansas City, Minneapolis and Maastricht.
>Within web communities, is there any specific perspective
>you are looking at?
>All the Best,
>Monica Murero
>AoIR 3.0 Conference Chair in Maastricht

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