[Air-l] Re: Query on Digitial Technology and National Identity

Charles Ess cmess at lib.drury.edu
Sat Apr 19 10:52:46 PDT 2003

I recently put up my PowerPoint slides for a talk before the Humanities
Education Research Group at the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) at the
end of March.


These provide an overview of what the research presented at and affiliated
with the various conferences on "Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and
Communication" - including the articles published in the most recent issue
of Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication - suggest in a comprehensive
way regarding the interactions of national culture and identity with CMC
One slide, in particular, while something of an oversimplification, helps
make the point: as one moves from a U.S. (indeed, middle-to-upper-middle
class white male) center through the national cultures/identities of Europe
/ the Middle East / Asia / and indigenous peoples - there is increasing
contrast and conflict between the cultural values and communicative
preferences embedded and fostered by contemporary CMC technologies and those
of the "target" cultures.
Perhaps this overview and some of the individual research reports (full
bibliography at the end of the slides) will be of interest and some value.

Good luck!  And please consider CATaC'04 as a venue in  which to present
your own results.

Cheers and all best wishes,

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