[Air-l] virtual reception theory (or still dense!)

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 00:13:59 PDT 2003

> Dear AIR-ers -
Okay, I have refined my question. I think I am looking
for literature that defines how reception theory
differs when reception is mediated through a virtual

I have read a bit of Manovich, L. (200x). "Post media
aesthetics: Medium in crisis [online]." Also quite a
bit of Michael Heim, virtual realism.  To me, he was
talking about the differences in social identity when
we present ourselves online (also Turkle). I am
looking for the reception side of this equation rather
than the presentation side and I don't know the CMC
comm. theory too well. I have read _Secondary Orality_
and I don't think Ong is the answer, either.

Thanks for any pointers in this direction!


[Maybe I'm still dense in which case ignore this email
as well ;-)]  

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