[Air-l] less mail junk

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Sun Aug 24 23:29:51 PDT 2003

> hi all, maybe it could be an idea for aior to educate internet
> researchers how to post to a mailinglist. the amount of unnessecary junk
> is pretty impressive on this list. one would presume aior members would
> have at least some basic knowledge, for instance not to include the mail
> you reply to, not to send html messages, no attachments etc. the other
> option would be moderation and close the list. ciao, geert

interesting that many of these are social/behavioral issues that you're
spinning as if technology can solve them / is the problem ... or was this
just a troll on your part? [it seems to have worked on at least a couple
of people :)]


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