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Adrian Miles adrian.miles at rmit.edu.au
Tue Aug 26 01:59:29 PDT 2003

hi all

apologies and some forbearance here, this is a press release from a 
group of students who are working on a blog project. They are 
primarily international students, have never seen a blog before, and 
have formed a production team that has developed all content, 
promotional material, etc. the course they are participating in is 
largely about teaching about collaborative production and networked 

I'm assuming some relevance to this community because they are 
playing with what is usually a nonfiction medium in a semi fictional 
way, blurring fiction and reality in a way that is reminiscent of 
reality TV, which they are realising. No-budget lo-tech intervention 
on their behalf.

Adrian Miles

Media Release

Professional Communication students at RMIT University have joined 
together to create an exciting online Blog called "Hannah's House". 
This blog is no ordinary Blog ; but one where an international 
student called Hannah, comes to Australia to study at RMIT. Come 
along  her to experience Melbourne and all the pleasures, problems 
and with dilemmas Hannah has along the way!!

Read Hannah's online diary as she takes us on her day to day journeys 
and shares her secret findings with us - her readers -  about 
Melbourne and all its little quirkey but loveable points. You will 
hear about the best places to buy a beer, where the closest doctors 
can be found, cool dinner ideas to cook at home, great places to eat, 
shop and of course where to head for the best entertainment and 
information regarding university.

Course Lecturer Adrian Miles believes the project created by the 
students will be extremely popular for new RMIT students, 
international and local, but will also have a following outside the 
university. As Adrian says "This is an innovative use of a blog 
because these students are taking a non fiction genre to develop an 
online personality to explore the experience of being students".

One of the writers in the class, Lucy Doherty has enjoyed the new 
experience and opportunity the project has brought her. "It has been 
fantastic to be able to join all of the aspects and qualities we have 
gained through our degree in the last couple of years and put them 
into a real life situation and gain real results."

Professional Communication is one of the many degrees offered at RMIT 
University, it incorporates all aspects of the media industry, such 
as journalism, TV and Radio Production and Public Relations. A 
combination of all of the skills learnt in this degree have been used 
in the development and promotion of 'Hannah's House'.

People can visit Hannah online at http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~hannah

Or email Hannah at Hannahsblog at hotmail.com

Contact Details:
Fiona McDermott
PH:  (H) 03 98790948	        (M) 0407538127

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