[Air-l] Electronic Media in 21st Century Social Movements

nicola green n.green at soc.surrey.ac.uk
Tue Aug 12 06:56:57 PDT 2003

 >For a chapter on 21st century social movements, I would welcome papers,
 >bibliographies, crucial citations, or observations on how the
 >availability and employment of electronic media have affected the
 >organization and practices of recent social movements.

mobile technologies in particular are becoming more and more important here 
- from their uses amongst the anti-globalisation protests in europe 
(assorted articles can be found in the british press, at least), to events 
such as the phillipine coup:
i also have text and images of european-based text-messaging campaigns for 
political action and activism, if you want to contact me off-list.
famously, one british minister at the time of the fuel protests in britain, 
where mobiles were widely used, remarked of the earlier thatcher-era 
strikes, "if the miners had had mobiles, they would have won."


>I promise
>acknowledgments for items I use.
>Chuck T.
>Charles Tilly


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