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fineArt forum: December 2003

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This month's issue:
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:: In focus in fAfNews: AIMIA advises that urgent action is required to 
ensure the future of Australian digital and screen industries; MOOT Records 
Launch 'The Surrealestate Project', Melbourne, Australia; Australasian 
Computer Music Association seeks contributions, Australia; Alan Sondheim in 
Gridface, Online.
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: Artist Run Spaces - Peter Anderson explores the fortunes of artist run spaces
: Body, Place-Time and New Media, an essay by Anna Barros
: Dispositions, an extract from McKenzine Wark's latest book
: desperate optimists in interview with Ben Slater
Reviews & Reports:
: The Shoulders of Giants: The New Media Reader reviewed by Axel Bruns
: Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion by Oliver Grau reviewed by Teri 
: Gating, a sound art cd reviewed by Gavin Sade
: Konstantin Batynkov's One's Own, Someone Else's, an exhibition reviewed 
by Selma Stern
: SIGGRAPH 2003, a Report from the Military Entertainment Complex from Paul 
: Macromedia Flash MX Game Design Demystified reviewed by Heidi Jermyn
: Industrial Strength Design: How Brook Stevens shaped your world reviewed 
by Lisa Chittick
: Steffen Lehmann's retrospective Architeken reviewed by Gina Velli
: TRANSIT - 8 Views of Indonesia, a report by Francesca Berger
: Electrofringe 2003, a report by Linda Carroli
: Temporal Intervals by Trish Adams reviewed by Linda Carroli

:: In focus in fAfNews
Upfront: Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) advises 
that urgent action is required to ensure the future of Australian digital 
and screen industries. Along with representatives of Australia's film, 
television and other cultural industries, AIMIA has been lobbying to stop 
the Australian government from trading away its right to intervene to 
protect Australia's new media industries.

Events: MOOT Records is a newly established, Melbourne based independent 
record/cd label. Its first CD release, 'The Surrealestate Project', is a 
"collaborative psychotronic journey" by MOOT founders, Justin Butler and 
Ceallaigh Norman. The CD will be launched 10 & 12 December in Melbourne, 

Opportunities: The Australasian Computer Music Association seeks 
contributions by young and/or emerging composers and sound artists for a 
compilation compact disk that will be published in 2004. The aim of the 
compact disk is to showcase some of the best emerging talent from this 
region, reflect the broad streams of research, production and performance 
that inform contemporary sound culture, and it will be used to promote 
Australasian sound culture locally and abroad.

Stuff: Gridface, an e-zine featuring digital art and experimental music, is 
pleased to present a series of images by renowned net personality Alan 

PLUS more than 150 news items, announcements and calls ...

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