[Air-l] Norwegian guidelines for online research available in English

Charles Ess @ ITU chess at itu.dk
Fri Dec 5 07:30:33 PST 2003

Dear AoIR-ists:

As you may know, the guidelines originally published in 2001 by the National
Committee for Research Ethics in the Social sciences and the Humanities
(NESH), Norway, played a significant role in the discussion and development
of the AoIR guidelines for online research.

More recently (September 24, 2003), NESH developed and published (in
Norwegian, of course) a set of guidelines specifically oriented to internet
research, the "Forskningsetiske retningslinjer for internettforskning" -
available at

I'm pleased to say that NESH has approved an English translation of the
guidelines undertaken by Line Gulløv Lundh and me. (Believe me, Ms. Lundh -
a student working with ethics committee member Klaus Bruhn Jensen at
Copenhagen University- did the majority of the work!)

I commend the new guidelines to your attention, not only for their own sake
(to my knowledge, they are the only ones explicitly developed by a national
authority for online research - please correct me if I'm wrong!) - but also
for what they suggest regarding the range of views and approaches on online


Comments and suggestions welcome!

Cheers and all best wishes,
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