[Air-l] Books for Sale

Jatinder Singh jindi at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 20:28:16 PST 2003


I have the following books for sale. They are all in near-perfect condition. 
I was a research student and have no need for these anymore.

Virtual Ethnography - Hine
Transnational.Dynamics at development.net - Uimonen
Mixing methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Research - Brannen
Religion on the Internet: Research prospects and Promises - Hadden and Cowan
The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace - Wertheim
Give me that online religion - Brasher
Insider Anthropology - Cerroni-Long
Computer-mediated communication in Australian Anthropology and Sociology - 
Social Analysis
The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach - Miller and Slater
New Media in the Muslim World - Eickelman and Anderson
Contesting Culture - Baumann
Communities in Cyberspace - Smith and Kollock
Thelordismyshephard.com - Hammerman
The Discovery of Grounded Theory - Glaser and Strauss
Research and the Teacher - Hitchcock and Hughes

I would like to sell all of these for $200 CDN (excluding postage). If 
anyone would like individual items, then please email me directly 
(jindi at hotmail.com). Please do not email this mailing list directly. First 
come, first served.

Jindi Singh.

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