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In the wake of the demonstrations against the Iraq War that met George
Bush, Jr. in London, and the anti-FTAA demonstrations in Miami, Bad
Subjects [http://eserver.org/bs] is publishing a year-end special issue on
Protest Cultures.  This issue will be dedicated to examining the role of
public protest in confronting the dominant orders of the American Empire
and capitalism; economic, cultural, and media globalism; and the
modalities of state violence, visible and less visible.  What current
strategies of confrontation and protest are most effective in creating a
shared resistance to the normalization of imperial culture?  How do
mobilizations occur and to what effect?  How does staging protests
contribute to the creation of peaceful civil societies and social justice?
  What forms of political organization and collective action emerge from
protests to energize democratic practice and confront anti-democratic

This special issue emphasizes the co-location of many political movements
and cultures within a broad, transnational oppositional camp. Essays might
address protest planning, staging geographies, personal experience,
spontaneous protests, anti-capitalist and labor protests, independent and
corporate reportage, internal organization, ideological conflicts among
protestors, artwork and creative protest, or policing and control, and
should articulate some argument concerning protest praxis and politics.
Relevant essays on historical protests are also invited.

Send essays of 2000-3500 words to Cynthia Hoffman [choff at lmi.net] and Joe
Lockard [Joe.Lockard at asu.edu].  Essay submissions can be reviewed and
published in English, Spanish, German, and French, with or without
translation.  Protest graphics and photography may be submitted without
essays.  For all submissions, include a brief author bio and e-mail
address; see Bad Subjects issues for style.

The submission deadline is December 24, 2003; the special issue will be
published on January 1, 2004.

Bad Subjects is also calling for papers on upcoming issues. For more
information, see http://eserver.org/bs

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