[Air-l] newsgroups

jespert jespert at it-c.dk
Tue Dec 9 03:24:27 PST 2003

Dear All,

I have been studding newsgroups for some years, but only in Danish, now 
I am going into the English Usenet and wow it is big. I am doing some 
kind of discourse analysis that I have developed and it is fine but when 
analysing I use so much time looking and thinking on a single string in 
a single group - so yes what I want to ask about is a form of a 
description on the structure of news saying e.g. how many groups are 
moderated, where and how do I find there 
instrument of foundation
FAQ if they have any, how dose them there is not moderated doing, how 
many are subscript to the different groups, is there any differences 
between e.g. the alt. and res. domains when talking topics, culture, 
history etc. I would like this information so I can navigate when 
finding my groups for empirical study and make a qualified selection.

I hope that you will answer both by pointing to literature (hopefully 
online papers) and by commenting on my questions.


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