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Nils Zurawski nils.zurawski at uni-hamburg.de
Tue Dec 16 03:47:25 PST 2003

Dear fellow internet reseachers,

for next year's conference in Sussex, I would like to put together a 
panel on identity and transnational netspaces. I am interested in the 
dynamics of diaspora groups and the formation of identity in 
connection with global or indeed local communication on over with the 

As I am involved in such a project focusing on the russian migrant 
and diaspora community and their relation to Russia, through 
discourses, activism, political engagement and literature I would 
like to explore this theme a little further and go beyond the simple 
use of Internet by minority groups - are they indeed minority, when 
present on the Internet?! - and look at the dynamics of 
communications and diaspora/migrant groups.

Would anybody be interested in exploring these issues? I thought of a 
panel of 3-4 papers, with a lively discussion on theory and practice, 
maybe more a discussion panel session than a consecutive presentation 
of longer papers...

Awaiting your ideas and comments and maybe contributions....

Dr. Nils Zurawski
Universität Hamburg
Inst. für kriminologische Sozialforschung
Allendeplatz 1
20146 Hamburg
tel. +49 (0) 40 42838 6185
fax. +49 (0) 40 42838 2328

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