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The Wired Homestead
edited by Joseph Turow and Andrea L. Kavanaugh

The use of the Internet in homes rivals the advent of the telephone, radio,
or television in social significance. Daily use of the World Wide Web and
e-mail is taken for granted in many families, and the computer-linked
internet is becoming an integral part of the physical and audiovisual
environment. The internet's features of personalization, interactivity, and
information abundance raise profound new issues for parents and children.

Most researchers studying the impact of the Internet on families begin with
the assumption that the family is the central influence in preparing a child
to live in society and that home is where that influence takes place. In The
Wired Homestead, communication theorists and social scientists offer recent
findings on the effects of the internet on the lives of the family unit and
its members. The book examines historical precedents of parental concern
over "new" media such as television. It then looks at specific issues
surrounding parental oversight of Internet use, such as rules about
revealing personal information, time limits, and Web site restrictions. It
looks at the effects of the Web on both domestic life and entire
neighborhoods. The wealth of information offered and the formulation of
emerging issues regarding parents and children lay the foundation for
further research in this developing field. The contributors include Robert
Kraut, Jorge Reina Schement, Ellen Seiter, Sherry Turkle, Ellen Wartella,
and Barry Wellman.

Joseph Turow is Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at the
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. Andrea L.
Kavanaugh is Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director at the Human
Computer Interaction Center, Department of Computer Science, Virginia
Polytechnic Institute and State University.

6 x 9, 456 pp., 20 illus., paper, ISBN 0-262-70094-8

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